Taffarello - shopping, shopping bags, polyethylene bags
Taffarello - shopping, shopping bags, polyethylene bags

Shopping Bags Company

Communication is an art form.

At Taffarello S.p.A., we know all about the value of communication through shopping bags and packaging.
Our shopping bags do a lot more than just carry your shopping; over time, they have become an important advertising opportunity.

Our mission is therefore to create a great looking, functional, convenient and eco-friendly packaging, using paper bags.

Not only are our paper shopping bags attractive, elegant, high quality and low cost, they are also biodegradable and eco-compatible, making them easier to re-use and show your company's brand to more people.

Paper Bags & Environment

Respect for society and the environment are the top priority for Taffarello S.p.A..

The company guarantees top quality products using a modern production cycle combined with the use of innovative materials with low bio-environmental impact:

  • Water-based ink;
  • Recycled paper;
  • FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.

Moreover, Taffarello S.p.A. pays careful attention to safety in the workplace, introducing a highly evolved Safety Management System that meets UNI-INAIL guidelines for employee safety.

History Carrier Bags & Packaging

50 years of experience and innovation, producing excellence and efficiency at the best prices around

Making packaging a means of communication, capable of telling consumers about the value of the contents and the brand, while guaranteeing the best solution in terms of feasibility and costs.

This was the incredible intuition that started our adventure in producing shopping bags, an activity which over fifty years has seen the Taffarello family partner with some of the leading, best-known international brands.

Founded by the Taffarello family, the company is based in Carbonera (Treviso), close to the A27 Venice-Belluno motorway; today, our offices cover a total surface area of 45,000 m2. Each year we produce more than 150 million shopping bags, which are sold all over the world.

1964 Renzo Taffarello opens the first company producing shopping bags;
1969 The new 6,000 m2 production site is opened;
1970-1980 The company specialises in the paper shopping bag sector and gradually moves into foreign markets;
1989 Our facilities are extended with a new production unit making paper shopping bags with 5 automatic lines;
1990-2000 The Carbonera (TV) facility is opened, later extended, which today acts as the company's headquarters;
2000-2012 The company invests in innovation: next generation machinery allowing for more efficient production processes. In the same period, Taffarello S.p.A. consolidates their presence abroad;
2013 Taffarello S.p.A. is one of Europe's leading shopping bag manufacturers.

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